SNE Leadership

Elected members govern the Society for Neuroeconomics (SNE) and comprise the Board of Directors who in turn elect the Society’s Officers.  Board Members are elected to a three year term on the Board and Officers, other than the Chief Information Officer, have a one year mandate.  The officer positions include, President, President Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Chief Information Officer, and Immediate Past President.

Current Officers

Officer Term
President: Alan Sanfey (10/19)
President Elect: Hilke Plassmann (10/19)
Secretary/Treasurer: Tobias Kalenscher             (10/20)
Immediate Past President: Joe Kable (10/18)

Board Members

Board Member Affiliation Term
Catherine Hartley

David Redish

Agnieszka Tymula

New York University

University of Minnesota

University of Sydney

Term Ending 10/2021
Todd Hare

Valerie Reyna

Uma Karmarkar

University of Zurich

Cornell University

University of California, San Diego

Term Ending 10/2019
Lesley Fellows

Kenway Louie

Kerstin Preuschoff

McGill University

New York University

University of Geneva

Term Ending 10/2020

Past Presidents

Past President Affiliation Term
Joe Kable University of Pennsylvania 2017-2018
Brian Knutsen Stanford University 2016-2017
Paul Glimcher New York University 2004-2005
Colin Camerer California Institute of Technology 2005-2006
Elizabeth Phelps New York University 2006-2007
Elke Weber Columbia University 2007-2008
Michael Platt Duke University 2008-2009
Antonio Rangel California Institute of Technology 2009-2010
Scott Huettel Duke University 2010-2011
Peter Bossaerts The University of Melbourne 2011-2012
Hauke Heekeren Freie Univesitat Berlin 2012-2013
Eric Johnson Columbia University 2013-2014
Camelia Kuhnen The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2014-2015
Paul Phillips University of Washington 2015-2016